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Joyce Furness Art Scapes

604 485 4029

Ancient Street

30” x 36”acrylic &
found objects on stretched canvas


The Historic Townsite, Powell River Zacatecas Ancient Street

Portfolio of Art by Joyce Furness

The Historic Townsite, Powell River

Maligne Lake #1 - SOLD

8"  x 10" Acrylic on Canvas

$120.00 each


12"x 36" acrylic


Arbutus Willingdon Beach Trail Gail's Garden Everything I See, I Am Road to Second Beach Old Arbutus Gail's Garden 2

Nature’s Bounty

Quiet Pool and Turbulent Water Willingdon Oasis Sculpted by Water From the Trestle Bridge Willingdon Beach Trail Second Beach

Lone Tree Triptych

25"x 38" mixed media framed SOLD

Prints available:

 8" x 10" $45.00    16" x 24" $195.00

Lone Tree Triptych Autumnal Feel 1 Autumnal Feel 2 Autumn Foliage Prints Autumn Mosaic Autumn Glory Winter Shoreline That Fall Feeling


Palm Beach Logs  

11" x 14 double matted


Brew Bay Yellow Sky and the Comox Glacier Golden Light at the Log Sort Moored at the Shingle Mill Fading Light Storm and Debris at Palm Beach On the Seawalk Across Mowat Bay


Arbutus Strand Moongate Nightfall at Palm Beach Late Evening at the Log Sort Alert Bay Hotel Manager's House Driftwood Bay Golden Moorage Low Tide at Palm Beach Evening at the Log Pond #2 Springtime at the Townsite Savary Logs Fading Light Palm Beach Logs Fading Light and the Sidewinder The Hulk and the Sidewinder, Powell River The Old Arbutus Last Light Mowat Bay and Arbutus Evening Run

South Harbour, Powell River


Myrtle Rocks


Savary Logs Myrtle Rocks 1 Inland Lake 3 Storm on Inland Lake Inland Lake 1 Inland Lake 2 Arbutus Vista The Boat Collection View from Lund The Eagle, the Arbutus and the Texada Ferry The Eagle, the Arbutus and the Texada Ferry Tides Out Salmon Run

Mountain Scenes

Across the Bay Across the Strait Arbutus Ballet Dancing Arbutus Arbutus Point The Old Warrior Lone Tree Road to Second Beach #2 Road to Second Beach #3 Sunny Day on the Eldred River Once in a Blue Moon Woodland Rivulet Ripple Reflections #2 Ripple Reflections #3 Ripple Reflections

Beauty in Forms

Zacatecas Zacatecas Myrtle Rocks Zacatecas Zacatecas Zacatecas Throwing Stones Salmon Run South Harbour - Powell River Morning - Saltery Bay Townsite House Powell Lake Floathouses Soft Night at the Logsort Magic Light at Earls Cove The Eldred River Falls Cloud Cover Over Earl's Cove Evening Falls - Sturt Road Fishing Dock Idyl Last Light at Myrtle Rocks Moody Night at Myrtle Rocks Moody Night at Willingdon Beach Wild Sky